Diversified Alliance Funding is the professional Cash Flow Consulting firm that helps owners and managers of new and established small to midsize businesses improve their cash flow and finances by providing immediate access to money at minimal costs � oftentimes without even acquiring additional debt!

Diversified Alliance Funding is in the unique business of converting future payments to an immediate, lump sum of cash for clients - Nationwide, Canada, and in Mexico. We have superb relationships with hundreds of investors and private funding sources throughout the country with billions of dollars available to buy various business, personal payment, and many other income streams.

We represent national funding sources and investors who purchase these payment streams for CASH NOW!

Diversified Alliance Funding is a professional financial services firm dedicated to helping individuals, investors, real estate professionals, financial entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, dramatically increase their cash flow position by facilitating Lump-Sum Cash Payments for a wide variety of debt instruments and income streams. We are financial problem-solvers and would welcome the opportunity to be of service.

Here at Diversified Alliance Funding we understand that people need or want access to their cash. Sometimes they have a serious need to pay off credit cards, finance long term medical care, or settle a divorce. Other times, they simply have a desire to purchase a dream home, take a vacation, buy a new car, finance a wedding, or start a business, for example. In some cases, people want access to their cash just for peace of mind. They no longer want to worry about liquidity issues, collection hassles, or the financial strength of the person who owes the debt.

Our own best measure of success is the success and satisfaction of our clients. That is why we take a personal interest in your business and how you do it. We are fully committed to your success and world-class service excellence.

We commit ourselves to developing and maintaining long-term partner relationships in order to help you grow your business and succeed continually.

We believe we can help you.

We Make Cash Flow Possible!

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