If you are a Debtor and want to restructure your debt then please refer to our Debt Restructuring Program.

We are associated with a financial services firm that specializes in collecting delinquent commercial (business to business) receivables. They view these accounts as "non-performing" rather than "bad debt". Through experience and knowledge, this firm has developed an innovative approach to the collection process resulting in extraordinary advantages for you, the client.
Once again we work with one of the largest purchasers of Past Due Receivables in the world that is looking for companies with commercial accounts for sale. They must be relatively large portfolios, somewhere in the neighborhood of millions, and commercial debt, e.g. business to business debt.

Benefits for you - the client:

Many companies are surprised to learn that their charge-offs, bad checks, and portfolios of non-performing consumer debt, can be sold for cash to investors who specialize in this form of debt. Consumer debt is different from commercial in that it is only purchased in portfolios or pools, not individual accounts. This is because of the high risk involved in dealing with consumers. A portfolio spreads the risk for the investor.

There are numerous advantages to selling your portfolios of delinquent debt:

Because of the benefits outlined above, there has been a growing trend for companies to first try to collect in-house then liquidate the entire portfolio through an outright sale. This trend provides for a timely sale of the debt to the investor resulting in a higher price being paid to the seller.

To learn more about this area of interest, please refer to Delinquent Debt Frequently Asked Questions, or simply e-mail us your completed Delinquent Debt Application.

What types of debt does Diversified Alliance Funding purchase?

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