Winning is just the beginning! As you know, that big jackpot doesn't look so big when it takes you 20+ years to get it. Waiting on annual payments can make it very difficult to invest your money wisely. And, with the high cost of living and some states' income taxes increasing every year, your money is quickly losing it's future value. For many people, the most prudent financial choice is to cash in their lottery, casino or game winnings now.

Hundreds of lottery, casino and contest winners nationwide have used our proven methods to meet investment and future financial goals, by converting all or part of their winnings into a lump sum cash payment. In this way, you can have your money now, to do with as you please! Please contact us today at 847-224-3817 or e-mail your completed worksheet and we will improve your winnings.

You may have been told that you can not sell your winnings, because many states have made lottery prizes un-assignable. However, while it is true that not all gaming awards can be sold, the funders we work with specialize in lottery, casino and gaming award cases. They have developed techniques to overcome these obstacles, which will enable you to access your funds legally and expediently.

Lotteries are an increasing form of Income Stream for some lucky people. However, many lottery winners, as hard as it is to believe, find themselves short of cash in just a few years, and need a lump sum of cash now. Others don't want the yearly payments; they would rather have a larger lump sum to invest in a business deal of their own.

For instance if you win $10,000,000 in a Lottery and get $500,000 for 20 years, you really aren't getting $10,000,000 in today's money. If you were able to invest at just 10% you are actually receiving considerably less. In fact, if you had $4,256,781.86 and invested it at 10% you could draw $500,000 a year for 20 years. Or if you had just $1,486,436.28 and you invested it at 10% in 20 years, you would have that same $10,000,000. Regardless, by selling that income stream you could end up with a chunk of change now to reinvest at a higher rate, or buy a company, by contacting a Cash Flow Specialist.

If you were to take that $1,486,436.28 and invest it at 13%, in 20 years you would have $17,128,335.71. It would be definitely in your best interest to sell off your future payments, find a reliable Mutual Fund or two and reinvest that money, don't you think?

Diversified Alliance Funding helps lottery winners, nationwide, reach their financial goals by converting all or part of their lottery prizes into a lump sum payment. Even though most lottery prizes are not assignable without a judicial order, we have proven legal and financial techniques that give you several lump-sum options, including converting your lottery prize into a tax-free loan.

Our Funding sources will handle all the administrative and legal paperwork involved in completing this transaction. They also pay all legal, administrative and closing costs. There is absolutely no cost or risk to convert your lottery prize into a single payment. The only cost you may incur is for your own legal counsel or advisors.

In most cases, the whole process can be completed in four to six weeks once an agreement has been arranged. And in some states new laws allowing lump-sum payments have reduced processing time to as few as 2-4 weeks. Don't wait, contact us for ways to improve your lottery winnings and send us your completed worksheet.

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