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Lawsuit financing covers three major areas:

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Diversified Alliance Funding can also fund class action, breech of contract, product liability, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases. Very often cases may involve funding for expert witnesses, research, attorneys' fees, and plaintiff requests, all of which is available through pre-settlement lawsuit financing.

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The legal community is rapidly embracing pre-settlement lawsuit financing cash advances as a sound and highly ethical service that benefits plaintiffs and their attorneys. Cash can also be made available for expert-witness fees and attorney fees, as well as appellate case funding. Qualified attorneys who have pending receivables and need working capital to cover that occasional "cash flow crunch" can use pre-settlement lawsuit financing to perk up their cash flow.

Currently pre-settlement lawsuit financing is not available only in Ohio.

Usually our clients are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. They are the injured parties seeking compensation most often in the form of money. More often than not, we are dealing with personal injury (PI) cases and the majority of these will be automobile accidents with an expected settlement in excess of $50,000 and funding requests between $5,000 and $10,000. But as you can see in the list below, many other types of lawsuits can be also funded.

We fund a Client if the Client:

The client must be represented by an attorney, and need money prior to settlement because of financial hardship. Usually, the plaintiff's financial hardship is the result of being injured and not being able to work. If he is not working, he is not making any money. If he is not making any money, he cannot pay his bills. These bills could be everyday living expenses or may be the direct result of the injury, such as medical and rehabilitation costs. It may be the cost of replacing the car that was damaged. Very often, we see people using this money to stop foreclosure on their homes, to stop eviction proceedings, or to prevent their cars from being repossessed.

Pre-settlement cash is available to attorneys as well. Law offices like any other businesses can experience cash crunches as part of their growing pains. Money is made available for attorneys for things like expert witness research, expert witness testimony, and attorneys' fees.

What Exactly Is Pre-settlement Lawsuit Funding? It's easy to mistake or confuse pre-settlement lawsuit financing for something it isn't, so let us explain this by first stating what it is not.

Pre-settlement Lawsuit Financing is NOT:

So what is it?

Pre-settlement Lawsuit Financing IS:

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Clearly, the Funding Sources take a huge risk in funding a case. Understanding the risk they take will help you feel confident in pre-settlement lawsuit financing as a viable alternative to the financial hardship many plaintiffs and attorneys face. This is a service that helps people when they need it the most!

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