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Diversified Alliance Funding will Advance Against Your Future Credit Card Sales! This program is available in all 50 states

If you own your business for at least 12 months and accept Visa/MasterCard as a means of payment, you can receive a cash advance that is equal to your average monthly Visa/MasterCard sales.

If you accept credit cards, and even if your credit is tarnished, you can get a $2,500 to $100,000 Cash Advance on your FUTURE Visa and MasterCard sales. A percentage of your future Visa/MasterCard sales goes towards repaying your advance. Repayment is automatically deducted through a pre-arranged percentage of your daily Visa/MasterCard sales and is typically repaid over a 6-7 month period. You repay your advance as you make sales.

This advance and payback applies only to Visa and Master/Card. All your other revenues are not touched. You keep all your Cash, Amex, Discover, Diners and Checks.

Our acceptance rate is 83% and funding is within 2-3 weeks and can be used for remodeling, payroll, emergencies, purchasing equipment, expansion, advertising, inventory or in any way to make your business more successful... or for just having a security "cushion" in case of an emergency. As we mentioned your advance is equal to one month of your typical sales volume from your Visa/MasterCard sales.

This is a very client-friendly program and is an excellent alternative to the strict and stringent requirements for traditional bank financing. Acceptance is not dependent on your credit score. We use a different type of credit evaluation and you must be in business for at least 12 months and accept Visa and MasterCard.

We can also provide non-collateralized loans up to $100.000 from leading banks at very competitive rates. If you have been for at least two years in business and have a decent credit this program is for you.

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