Have you ever worked for a public company as an officer or director or been an investor in a private placement where you received a large block of stock that could not be sold to market until a waiting period had passed or that required public notification by registration prior to sale? Now it is possible to borrow money against these securities and Diversified Alliance Funding is ready to work with people and companies who have that need.

Whether you need cash for personal or business purposes we can help you hedge your portfolio positions and gain access to capital resources through loans against Restricted 144 (see details below), Aged Affiliate or Free Trading securities.

In order to obtain loan against your stocks the following conditions must be met:

   1.  Minimum loan amount is $100,000.
   2.  Stock needs to trade a minimum of $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 per day for at least 6 months. The closer to $50K the easier it is to do the deal but we will seriously look at as low as the $30K number. That's dollars not shares.
   3.  Also you have to take into consideration the restriction period on the shares as well. 2 years from issue date for active officers, directors & 10% or more shareholders or 1 year for former officers, directors, attorneys or private investors owning less than 10%.
   4.  Stock may be subject to the 1 % rule (deals with the percent of stock owned by insiders of the total outstanding).
   5.  144 restriction factor (see details below).
   * Possibility to access capital resources through loans against Restricted 144 depends on current market conditions and we CURRENTLY STOPPED FUNDING Restricted 144.

Loans can be funded in as few as five business days and are available to insiders, affiliates and common shareholders of publicly trading companies on U.S. and major global exchanges. E-mail us a Quick Application and we will let you know whether you qualify or not.

What are the benefits of getting a loan against stock?

Image Access capital in private transactions without selling securities to market
Image Non-recourse, you can walk away from loans if share prices decrease in value
Image Loans at prime rates with quarterly simple interest payments to maturity and principle due at term of loan
Image Credit of individual or business not considered
Image No financials, no tax returns
Image No margin calls
Image 40% - 50% Loan to Values
Image Loans closed in as few as five business days
Image Terms from 1 - 3 years with term renewals for up to two additional years

Borrowing against stock allows you to access capital in a private transaction without having to sell securities to market.

With a stock loan, you can get liquidity from you asset NOW, retain contractual ownership, enjoy the tax benefit that come from not having to sell securities, and profit from appreciation of your portfolio should the stock price rise in value when the loan matures after principal and interest are paid.

Once again you can enjoy the freedom of walking away from your loan with no further obligation should share prices decrease in value. The flexible exit strategy permits clients to either pay off the loan and regain securities, or walk away from interest payments or repayment entirely by forfeiting only the collateralized securities... even if the stock price has declined.

If you have contacts who are or who work with CEOs, COOs, CFOs or non-affiliates of publicly trading companies, we urge you to contact us now for the information you need to get into this business. E-mail us your Application now.

The links below are provided to facilitate the retrieval of information regarding restricted securities. From here you can access the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the exact rules and regulation as written and approved by the SEC.

Image U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Image Latest SEC Rulings
Image Rule 144

Your Privacy: Any information submitted to Diversified Alliance Funding will be held in strict confidence. No information provided will be sold or distributed.

Restricted Securities Financing

General Terms:
  • Loan to Values (LTV) from 40% to 50%
  • Interest rates from 2.5% to 4% annualized
  • 2-5 year terms
  • Minimum financing for officers/directors is $1.5M
  • Minimum financing for corporations is $5M, with $200M maximum
Collateralized Asset:
  • Restricted/Treasury Securities
  • With Legend, in certificate form
  • Legal Opinion Letter

Don't wait e-mail us your Application now and we will let you know whether you qualify or not.

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